In today’s competitive marketplace, communicating clearly and confidently is the most important corporate and personal skill. Participants will learn advanced strategies to give your company – and your career – a competitive advantage. Moreover, you will also:

  • CONNECT authentically with colleagues and/or clients
  • IDENTIFY and FIX your company’s most urgent Communication weaknesses
  • MASTER “neuro-scientific” STORYTELLING strategies to be more memorable
  • STRUCTURE easy-to-follow meetings, presentations and speeches
  • CONVINCE your audience with EMOTIONS (“They may forget what you said; but will NEVER forget how you made them feel”)

As this seminar is one of our popular workshops, an external training partner offers this course as a 2-day Open-to-the-Public programme. The next dates are 10-11 December 2017 in Dubai and 13-14 December 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. Contact us for enrolment details.

For a detailed syllabus or to enquire about MGT OPEN In-Company Communications training anytime and anywhere you find convenient, we invite you to use the confidential contact form.