Recently many multinational corporations, fearing negative publicity with loss of brand loyalty and employee commitment, have had to reluctantly “back off” lucrative short-term, shareholder profit “deals” after NGOs publicly targeted these companies for environmental or human rights abuses. Far-sighted enterprises now realise that if they actively seek the support of NGOs, their business can gain a significant competitive advantage. Moreover, NGOs have also learned that their voices will more likely be heard if they work with – and not against – corporate interests.

In this 2-day workshop, Corporate and NGO participants will learn with help of theory, case studies and exercises the following:

  • LEARN what NGOs do. What is their business model or mandate?
  • DISCUSS – beyond profit – what truly motivates companies today?
  • EVALUATE how to protect your company’s integrity when working with NGOs?
  • STUDY recent Case Studies to learn from other NGO-Corporate alliances
  • EXAMINE how your company can cooperate and work collaboratively with NGOs?
  • PRESENT how your NGO can cooperate and work collaboratively with corporations?

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