Put simply – without hyperbole – the learning outcome of this workshop is for attendees to realise that their Emotional Intelligence (self-confidence, humility, empathy, managing feelings, etc.) is far more crucial than IQ when leading people, achieving career success and, most importantly, living happier lives. Moreover, your will also:

  • EXPLORE the Social Neuro-science research revealing why a high EQ is such an accurate predictor of business success – 90% of top-leaders are “High EQers” ( and BTW also earn much higher salaries)
  • LEARN the most important EI skills to improve for your job performance & career
  • ASSESS your own Emotional Intelligence by taking some leading tests
  • ACCEPT the responsibility to develop your EI to transform not only how others see you – but how you see yourself!
  • HEAR “a personal call to action” to improve your EI for it is never too late to change yourself, your career and/or the outcome of your relationships

For a detailed syllabus or to enquire about MGT OPEN In-Company Emotional Intelligence training anytime and anywhere, we invite you to use the confidential contact form.