This 2-day, highly-practical, interactive workshop will be invaluable for: Executives; Media & PR professionals; Sales personnel; the Self-employed & Entrepreneurs; Professors & Lecturers ­- in short, for anyone whose career depends on speaking in public clearly, concisely and confidently. Moreover, you will also:

  • VISUALISE your content to allow viewers to quickly understand & remember
  • LEARN how to effectively use your body posture, gestures and facial expressions
  • DESIGN your presentation according to our “Billboard” strategy & the Golden Ratio
  • LISTEN to and WATCH yourself on a video-recorded simulated presentation
  • DEVELOP quick and easy techniques to overcome stress and nervousness
  • COMPLETE the workshop with new-found self-confidence

For a detailed syllabus or to enquire about MGT OPEN In-Company Presentation training anytime and anywhere convenient for you and your organisation, we invite you to use the confidential contact form.