This workshop will cover Team-building strategies – and activities – to help you clarify Team roles and goals; build trust, accountability and commitment; improve processes; and, support the use of positive norms to resolve conflict. Moreover, you will also:

  •  RECOGNISE that Team-Building is NOT a fleeting cheerleader “rah-rah” necessity but a long-term vital strategy to build morale and accomplish organisational goals
  • EXPLORE essential, proven Team-Building strategies that all Managers must use
  • MAKE your Team Members truly feel a sense of ownership & empowerment
  • LEARN to break down barriers & achieve “buy-in” even across department silos & cultural barriers
  • TURN AROUND any under-performing Teams operating in any sector or culture.

As this seminar is also one of our most attended workshops, the Singapore external training partner also offers this course. The next Teamwork Workshop will take place in Dubai on 19-20 September and in Bangkok on 11-12 October.

For a detailed syllabus or to enquire about MGT OPEN In-Company Team Work training anytime and anywhere, we invite you to use the confidential contact form.