This workshop will cover Team-building strategies – and activities – to help you clarify Team roles and goals; build trust, accountability and commitment; improve processes; and, support the use of positive norms to resolve conflict. Moreover, you will also:

  • RECOGNISE that Team-Building is NOT a fleeting cheerleader “rah-rah” necessity but a long-term vital strategy to build morale and accomplish organisational goals
  • EXPLORE essential, proven Team-Building strategies that all Managers must use
  • MAKE your Team Members truly feel a sense of ownership & empowerment
  • LEARN to break down barriers & achieve “buy-in” even across department silos & cultural barriers
  • TURN AROUND any under-performing Teams operating in any sector or culture.

For a detailed syllabus or to enquire about MGT OPEN In-Company Team Work training anytime and anywhere convenient for you and your “TEAM”, we invite you to use the confidential contact form.