From where will economic prosperity come for our 21st Century global economy when we are already confronted with non-renewable resource shortages, resulting volatile prices, stark fore-warnings of impending environmental disasters and, not surprisingly under these circumstances, increased consumer vigilance and cynicism?

The short answer is – from the Circular Economy.

Some experts suggest that there is a hidden $4.5 trillion treasure trove in turning current waste into usable wealth by 2030. And, this number is linked only to re-using waste and does not include other potential new enterprise opportunities.

Numerous multinationals, leading banks, SMEs, NGO’s, many national governments and savvy entrepreneurs and start-ups are working collaboratively to make this transformative shift irreversible. The innovative, indeed disruptive, force of entrepreneurship is proving to be especially beneficial as these new entrepreneurs are genuinely interested in the elimination of waste and aspire to create sustainable solutions for the future.

In this workshop, you will:

  • LEARN what the Circular Economy is where the myriad of opportunities are burried.
  • ASSESS how circular your business entreprise or idea is.
  • IDENTIFY strategies where your company can create value
  • DISCOVER ways how your venture can profit by going circular.

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