As mentioned in the our In-Company workshop topic, the Circular Economy heralds a systemic shift in how all business will soon be conducted. Numerous multinationals, leading banks, SMEs, NGO’s and many national governments are working collaboratively to make this transformative shift irreversible. Despite this, when asked about the Circular Economy, many entrepreneurs know nothing or very little about it. Yet, for the Circular Economy to really fulfil its systemic shift potential the innovative, and indeed disruptive force of entrepreneurs, will be crucial. Additionally, for Entrepreneurs to build sustainable enterprises and to profit from the opportunities this shift brings, they too need know intimately the Circular Economy principles.

In this EXECUTIVE COACHING training (1-1 or small groups) scheduled to meet your busy timetable, you will:

  • LEARN what the principles of Circular Economy and how you can profit from them
  • STUDY how other companies are creating Circular Economy value
  • PRESENT your entrepreneurial idea and DISCUSS how it can be more circular
  • EQUIP yourself with the most current Case Studies and opportunities around this Circular shift.

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